Next Steps

The Path Forward: Adopting RCV Statewide in Minnesota

Momentum is building to adopt RCV statewide, and Minnesota has the opportunity to become the first state to adopt  RCV for statewide elections through legislative action.

Legislation to Adopt RCV

Rep. Steve Elkins and Sen. Kent Eken,  along with a growing number of RCV supporters in the state legislature, are working to pass statewide and local options RCV legislation:

  • State and Federal Elections: The bill would require the use of RCV in primary and general elections for state constitutional offices, legislative offices, congressional offices and the office of president.
  • Local Option: The bill would allow cities, townships, counties and school boards in Minnesota to adopt RCV by local ordinance – eliminating costly, low-turnout primaries and ensuring majority outcomes in a single, decisive November election when turnout is higher and more representative. 

There is growing support and momentum in the state legislature for RCV, but resistance to reform that gives greater power to voters can be formidable. Passing statewide legislation will require everyone to get involved, make their voices heard and take action.

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